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Friction Barrier

Recommended for friction-related chafing, blisters, skin rashes and saddle sores.

  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Shea Butter

Provides a long-lasting barrier against moisture, sweat and friction. Trusted by athletes and wetsuit-friendly, this cream will go the distance, containing ingredients with rich moisturizing and anti-septic properties.


Pro Tip:

A topical pain reliever and an extra barrier protecting the skin during long periods of exercise. This combination of shea butter calms and soothes irritated, red, dry skin and rashes, while the tea tree oils antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties aid in treating chafing and preventing further friction brought on by damp, tight clothing during sport.

Customer Reviews

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Amelia Werth
Friction Barrier Cream

Use this during cycling and it helps to avoid saddle sores. First time I got a product that is working for saddle sores

Customer Service is Tops!

This review is way overdue. I placed an order for a 6-pack of Wintergreen Friction Barrier Cream during the Christmas holidays but didn’t notice that dispatch was closed until the 15th of Jan. When I contacted support wondering where my order was, Pongi Quarmby informed me of the issue, then marched right ahead and packed up my order and had it couriered to my door the next day. THAT’S great customer service!

Next time, I’ll pay attention to the timing of my order around the holidays. Thanks!

Mzwanele Funda
Comfort my long runs

It is a great comfort when I’m doing my 30km runs, it prevents that dryness and irritation and works well with sweat.