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Wintergreen® is new to the USA market. You can currently purchase products via our online store. Check our site for future updates on the retailers who are stocking our products. If you are a Professional (Medical or Sport's Team), you are eligible for discounted pricing, so please create an account via the 'For Professionals' tab.   

Please see package warnings for precautions when using Wintergreen® products.  Package warnings are visible on back of back images in our online store.

Wintergreen® products should be used prior to their expiration date as the active ingredients may not be as effective in expired products.

Women who are pregnant, or think they may be pregnant, should check with their healthcare professional before using Wintergreen® products.

All Wintergreen® products can be used for children over 12 years of age. For children 12 years or younger, parents should ask a doctor.

warming products

The aim of any warm up exercise, prep massage or warming agent is to boost blood circulation throughout the body, to warm up the muscles to make them looser, more flexible and less prone to soft tissue injuries.

The warming range caters to all individual preferences and weather conditions. Range goes from mild to medium/hot to very hot. If one has never tried a heating agent before training and you are not sure what will work for you, it’s always better to start with the mildest option first and see if that is giving you enough heat in the muscles as you exercise, if not, move on to the medium hot option and so on.

Having different options for different weather conditions is also important. Muscle Warmup, the mildest option, is perfect for hot and warmer climates. The slight heat is activated as you rub it vigorously into the muscles for about 10 minutes before training. The aim of this product is to warm up muscles to increase circulation, loosening the muscles to help prevent soft tissue injuries, but without you being aware of the heat sensation for too long during your activity. The greasy texture of the product on the skin will help to insulate the skin for a period of time, keeping the muscle warmer for 2 to 3 hours.

Muscle Warmup Ultra is the medium option, best for cooler and cold conditions or if the muscles are stiff and tight from a previous training session. The added liquid pepper extract will increase the heat sensation felt in the muscles as it is rubbed vigorously into the skin for 10 minutes before training and will increase slightly in heat intensity as you begin to move and sweat. This along with the greasy texture of the product will insulate the skin and keep the muscle much warmer for longer, between 3 to 5 hours.

The way these two products are formulated is slightly different to Warmup and Warmup Ultra. Neither has a greasy, insulating texture, instead they both go straight into the skin when applied and only start to heat the muscles up once you start moving and sweating. This is because of the amount of liquid pepper extract and menthol in the products and how they interact with your nerve receptors when the body temperature rises. These products will increase in heat intensity as your body temperature increases and keep you warmer for much longer. Perfect for very cold to freezing conditions and night games. Sun exposure may also increase heat intensity from these two products, so always start by spraying or applying a smaller amount and see how your body reacts once you start exercising. You can always add more if it’s not hot enough at first. That’s the other great thing about the heat spray, it’s quick, easy and hygienic to use, leaving no product on your hands on the field.

A cold shower, cold water, cold cloth or ice over the area will help to lessen the effects and as the body temperature goes down the heat will lessen as well. As with any product with liquid pepper extract or menthol, keep away from eyes and only for external use.

joint support spray

For Athletes, spray it on in the morning or before training and again at night or after training to have the benefit of the analgesic pain relieving effect on the area that is sore or has a lot of cartilage wear and tear. These would be areas like the knees, ankles or lower back, hips, shoulders, neck, wrists or hands. 

For non athletes, or those with arthritis, use it as needed to help with joint mobility and pain relief or after an operation (e.g. knee operation) to improve mobility, relieve pain and inflammation. Use it first thing in the morning and then up to two or three times during the day if necessary. The sensation should last for 1 to 3 hours at a time.

Chondroitin is a vital part of cartilage, giving it elasticity by helping it retain water. Chondroitin helps to prevent the breakdown of collagen in the joints and decreases the effects of wear and tear on the joints.

(Chondroitin sulfate comes either from animal sources such as shark or cow cartilage or is made in a lab, so it is not a shellfish extract (as glucosamine is), but if anyone does have a shellfish allergy and they have any reaction such as hives or itching, best to stop using the product and consult a doctor).

No, Give the bottle a good shake, spray it on and let it absorb into the skin. You can feel the sensation of the joint support almost immediately because of the amount of menthol in the product. The menthol smell of the product is quite strong, so don’t spray too close to the eyes.

If you are allergic to menthol don’t use this product. It will result in normal allergic reactions like bad skin irritation, itching, swollen, red rashes and in severe cases, tightness in the chest and trouble breathing, which will need medical attention. Many Wintergreen® products contain menthol and it is always stated on the packaging. However some like the arnica oil and the magnesium range do not contain menthol and may be a better option to try.

cooling products

The Ice Spray is to be used immediately or as soon as possible after a bad bump, bruise or sprain happens. The winter- green oil starts to work on the inflam- mation, the menthol and the peppermint oil cause the injured area to go cold very quickly which helps alleviate a lot of initial pain. Only use on skin that is not lacerated or open in any way as it will burn if the spray gets into a cut. For added benefit and to keep the injured area colder for longer, spray Ice Spray on before putting an ice pack over the bruised/ swelling area, again this is to prolong the cold sensation, to keep the area pain free for longer.

Ice spray is also a great support/recovery product to cool down the legs after a long cycle or run, it helps to bring the body temperature down in very warm conditions. While the wintergreen oil and menthol help alleviate any minor niggling aches and pains or inflammation that may have flared up while exercising.

One can use the ice spray every 3 to 4 hours after the initial injury to help alleviate pain, and once the pain is less you can move over to the Icy Arnica Gel, as the injured area will still be swollen. You will lightly apply the gel to the area to let the arnica get to work with its healing properties. The menthol in the gel will still have a slight analgesic effect but not as much as the Ice Spray. The Icy Arnica Gel can be lightly rubbed over the bruised area until the swelling and bruising has subsided and until full range of motion is back to normal.

The Icy Arnica Gel will also be the product used if a bump or bruise occurs on the face, not the Ice Spray, as the spray with its menthol and peppermint oil may be too strong for sensitive facial skin and the spray should not be used close to the eyes.

The Icy Arnica Gel is to help the healing process on an area that has been recently injured, sprained, bruised or is swollen.

The Menthol Hot Gel is more of a hot and cold therapy in a tube, meaning it’s great for recovery after a training session. Rubbing the gel on sore joints after training or rehab will help with the anti-inflammatory and analgesic response thanks to the amount of wintergreen oil and menthol in the product. Rubbing the Menthol Hot Gel lightly over muscles after a training session or shower will cool the muscles down (like the Ice Spray does after a cycle or run) and besides working on alleviating inflammation or pain, will leave the body feeling refreshed. However, Menthol Hot Gel also has an extra benefit, as if you have a muscle spasm it can be massaged deeply into the tight muscle and the wintergreen oil will work on the anti-inflammatory response while the menthol will heat up the area, improving blood circulation to the muscle helping it to loosen up as well as lessening the pain while it is loosening up.

friction barrier cream

Friction Barrier Cream contains tea tree oil which is an antiseptic, anti-fungal, antibacterial oil, so it is acting as a treatment to help clean the skin of impurities, which may sting if the skin is irritated or chafed. The shea butter in the cream will help lessen the chafing and the more the cream is used as a barrier the softer and less chafed the area should become, so the stinging or burning sensation should get a lot less or disappear completely.

magnesium spray

Magnesium Spray can be used on any area that you tend to cramp in, either before you start training, as a preventative or during your training if you feel cramping starting to occur, or after a training session if you know you have sweated a lot and the muscles have cramped or feel they may want to.

Magnesium sulfate, the active ingredient in Magnesium Spray, (which is like sea salt) when sprayed straight on to the skin when the pores are open because the body is hot from exercising, allows the pure magnesium to enter the body and replenish the magnesium sulfate / salts we lose when we sweat. The reason this works faster than a pill is because it doesn’t have to go through the whole digestive tract, it can just go straight into the bloodstream and muscles where it is needed, mainly to alleviate cramping, but also to prevent muscle fatigue.

You may not feel anything, but you may feel a slight tingling sensation as it enters the pores. No pain, just tingling.

No, just spray it over the targeted area. It is water based and any residue will evaporate quickly.

arnica oil

Again because of the essential oils like Rosemary, (which is great to reduce stiffness and lactic acid build up in the muscles and stimulate the body to be more energetic and awake, great for athletes and low blood pressure sufferers), pregnant and breastfeeding woman are contraindicated to use the oil, as are children under the age of 12. Those with high blood pressure are also contraindicated as Rosemary oil raises the blood pressure. Epileptics and diabetics are also contraindicated due to the essential oil mix, so we suggest they try either the Magnesium Lotion or Magnesium Gel to massage with if they are asking about another massage option besides the Arnica oil.

If you have none of the contraindications listed above and if you don’t have sensitive skin, then there is no reason not to put a few drops in the bath, between 6 to 10/12 drops is the norm as the water will dilute the oil further. So try a few at first and build it up.

hot mustard soak

Soaking for 10 minutes or more in a warm bath with a half or full sachet of Hot Muscle Soak with its combination of mustard seed powder, wintergreen, eucalyptus and camphor oil creates an aromatic, warming, recovery blend. Great after a heavy exercise session, as it reduces inflammation, relieves aches and pains in the joints and relaxes the muscles speeding up the body’s recovery time.

The heat from the soak can be intense but really improves blood circulation, allowing the body to sweat it out, eliminate toxins like lactic acid, reducing the effects of DOMS (delayed onset muscle stiffness), with the added benefit of being a strong decongestant, clearing blocked sinuses and a tight chest, and aiding in better sleep, leaving the body feeling warm, relaxed and rejuvenated. Very important to stay hydrated as you will sweat a lot when using this soak.

magnesium range

The whole Magnesium Range is aimed at replenishing magnesium lost while sweating, alleviating cramping and muscle fatigue, reducing inflammation and pain, improving muscle, bone and nerve health and overall health for your body and mind. 

Magnesium Gel is a lovely alternative to massage with if you tend to be a cramp- er, especially in the leg. It has the added benefit of wintergreen oil to alleviate inflammation and pain, along with arnica oil, which has healing properties that help reduce microfiber tears in the muscles which can occur after strenuous exercise and bruising.

For physios it is also a good alternative to use as a conducting gel, when doing ultrasound or sonar therapy on healing muscles and joints.

Magnesium Lotion can be used to massage with or as a daily moisturizer for the body, as it has wintergreen oil and arnica oil as well as Vitamin E oil which helps to hydrate dry skin and works on repairing skin from sun damage, leaving the skin feeling soft and supple. As it does contain wintergreen oil, there is a slight menthol, minty smell to the lotion.

Relax in a hot bath with a sachet of Magnesium Soak for 10 to 20 minutes. The body will warm up, improving circulation. The skin pores will open allowing easy absorption of the pure magnesium thus greatly decreasing muscle stiffness and fatigue which in turn will help the detox process. After the bath the benefits are long lasting, lessening the effects of DOMS (delayed onset muscle stiffness/ soreness) the following day. With regular use along with regular massage, there should be little to no cramping during or after training/ game in muscles.

Magnesium also has many mentally healing properties, reducing feelings of anxiety, stress and mental exhaustion along with the physical effects of a tension headache, leaving the whole body feeling more relaxed and calm, and when used at night aids in more peaceful, restful sleep by activating GABA, the neurotransmitter responsible for quieting down nerve activity and in so doing calming one on both a physical and mental level, leaving one feeling rejuvenated all-round.

Magnesium Soak contains Epsom salts or magnesium sulfate, but it also contains other forms of magnesium such as magnesium chloride which means the benefits of magnesium, which we have spoken about, are enhanced and increased.

bath soaks

YES! Many athletes are doing it and have given feedback that it enhances the effects of both soaks, leaving the body feeling warm, relaxed, less stiff and sore straight after and the following day, and helps with better sleep.

Can you use the soaks too often or at the wrong time?

As both soaks contain ingredients such as magnesium sulfate/Epsom salts which help the body to detox, it is not recommended to use a soak every single night. The body needs time to recover from a detox, get rid of lactic acid, rehydrate and build up to be at peak performance again. So, 2 to 3 times a week if you exercise often, cramp often or are very stiff after an intense training session is recommended to keep lactic acid build up in muscles to a minimum.

As an athlete it is also not recommended to use either soak the night before a big competition, as the body may still be in the detox phase the next day and may feel tired while it is building up to its peak again. Just as the body needs a day or two after a heavy training session to feel at its peak again, the same goes for the body after using the soak.

The soaks are best used straight after, or soon after rigorous exercise, to get the best recovery results.

Magnesium Soak can be used morning or night. In the morning, a soak is a great way to feel calm and rejuvenated while at night magnesium helps maintain healthy GABA levels aiding in a better night’s sleep.

The Hot Mustard Soak is best used after an intense training session to alleviate stiffness and soreness. After training in cold conditions, it adds an extra level of warmth to a bath.

As the Hot Mustard Soak heats up the body and relaxes tense muscles, it helps to relax the mind. The heat and consequent sweat helps the body to detox, so to give the body time to do this, it’s best to use in the evening.

Both the Magnesium Soak and the Hot Mustard Soak come in a packet with 5 pre-packed sachets in each. If you are not sure how your body will feel, then start by putting half a sachet in the bath, if that feels ok then use the full sachet from then on. If you want to use the Magnesium Soak and Hot Mustard Soak together, start by trying a half a sachet of each in the bath, if you like the effects, you can use a full sachet of each in a bath. For the best benefits the bath water should be nice and relaxing hot, but not boiling hot.

Be cautious of the Hot Mustard Soak while pregnant or breastfeeding as it contains a number of essential oils that are contraindicated for pregnancy and the intensity and heat of the soak may also be too much.

But there have been no studies to suggest that pregnant or breastfeeding women can’t bathe in Epsom salts and Magnesium Soak.