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March 01, 2021 2 min read


Mustard Bath

With Winter settling in the Southern Hemisphere, there’s nothing quite like a good long soak in a hot bath when you’re chilled to the bone.  And if you are an athlete, adding a sachet of Wintergreen™ Hot Mustard Soak can turn your bath into a full-body detox and muscle recovery session!

The benefits of mustard while bathing date back to ancient times -   it was used by the Ancient Greeks and Romans in their bath houses, and its use was revived by the English in the 1800’s.

Wintergreen™ Hot Mustard Soak is a firm favourite in sports massage therapist Daliah Hurwtiz’s kit bag.  She says, “Most of the rugby players I work with are initially not that keen when I recommend a long, hot bath, but they only have to try it once before they appreciate the relief it brings from muscle aches and pains – it becomes a recovery session rather than just an indulgent half hour doing nothing.”

Turn Up The Heat

Advert for Colman’s English Mustard in the 1800'sThe healing properties in Wintergreen™ Hot Mustard Soak ingredients - mustard seed powder, wintergreen oil, camphor and eucalyptus oil - in a steaming hot bath can reduce inflammation and pain from strenuous activity, arthritis or colds and flu; improve circulation; relax the muscles; reduce congestion is the sinuses, nose and chest; and also reduce the severity of asthma attacks. The mustard seed powder is what creates the intense heat associated with mustard baths, and causes the body to heat up from the inside.  This makes it a fantastic detoxifier, with toxins sweated out as the body heats up.  For athletes, this has the added benefit of detoxing the lactic acid that builds up in muscles during strenuous activity.

Tough Guys Take Baths Too!

Says Daliah, “For my rugby players, after a tough day training or playing a game, when the body has taken a real beating from tackles and collisions, falls and explosive runs that have caused lactic acid to build up in the muscles, Wintergreen™ Hot Mustard Soak has become an essential element in their recovery protocols to ensure they don’t suffer from delayed onset muscle stiffness, and that they are ready for another beating the next day.”
Because mustard seed powder can be an irritant for some people with very sensitive skin, Wintergreen™ have added camphor oil as a soothing counter-irritant enabling most people to use it safely and enjoy the many benefits.  It is however not suitable for children under 12 years of age, or pregnant women.  It is also not recommended if you have open wounds or scrapes, or a skin condition like psoriasis, as it will sting like blazes, but rinsing the area with cold water will quickly relieve the pain.

If you don’t have access to a bath, you can experience the same detoxing benefits just by soaking your feet in a tub of hot water – simply add half a sachet of Wintergreen™ Hot Muscle Soak, relax, and enjoy!