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Pre-workout heating rub for the ultimate warmup.
External analgesic

  • Wintergreen Oil
  • Menthol
  • Liquid Pepper Extract

Activated with vigorous rubbing, this powerful formulation with capsicum provides a long lasting heating element to warm muscles before your race or a strenuous training session.


Pro Tip:

Wintergreen Muscle Warm Up Ultra is the preferred heating product for those who like a more intense heat sensation or who are very stiff or tight in certain muscle groups and need a faster way to loosen up and relieve pain in the muscles before exercising. The combination of Wintergreen oil, menthol, Methyl salicylate and liquid pepper extract, when vigorously rubbed into the muscles for a few minutes causes a tingling heat sensation on the skin comprehensively heating up the core body temperature very quickly, warming up the muscles and improving blood circulation to the area before any kind of training or game.

It’s a perfect option to use in colder climates, thanks to its initial waxy texture that melts on heating into a Vaseline like texture, thoroughly insulates the muscle groups especially in wet, cold playing/exercise conditions allowing for prolonged muscle warmth, mobility, loosening and flexibility. In this way helping to prevent possible soft tissue injures that are so common in colder condition when the body is stationary for too long before exertion begins again.