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Magnesium Body

Recommended for muscle injuries, cramping and fatigue.

  • Pure Magnesium

Replace Magnesium lost, through sweat and the accelerated metabolism of strenuous activity, fast and effectively.

Pro Tip:

A perfect little spray bottle to keep nearby when you know you are going to be exercising in the heat or for a long period of time and cramping and muscle fatigue are likely to affect your training session. Use just before a training to prevent fatigue or during exercise when you feel the muscle contraction begin.

Magnesium spray absorbs straight through the skin into the blood stream and into the muscles, replenishing lost magnesium fast, either stopping the cramping sensation that has begun or preventing the muscle from cramping before it starts. The quickest and easiest way to get pure magnesium sulphate into the system in a non- tactile, hygienic way, perfect when one is sweaty, wet or dirty from a work out. Its water base formula means it leaves no oily residue and all one might feel is a tingling sensation on the skin when it is applied.