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Pain Relief Heat

Powerful, fast-acting muscle heating rub.

External analgesic

  • Wintergreen Oil
  • Liquid Pepper Extract
  • Menthol

Designed to activate as your body temperature increases, it strongly stimulates nerve receptors to create a powerful warmup sensation, pre-training session.


Pro Tip:

Pain Relief Heat Cream is the hottest of all the heating products. It’s especially beneficial in very cold or freezing conditions or used on small muscle groups that need an intense amount of warmth to loosen the targeted area and improve blood circulation for an extended period of time, thanks to the combination of Wintergreen oil, menthol and liquid pepper extract.

Unlike the Muscle Warmup Ultra this product is made in cream form, which is easily absorbed leaving little to no residue on the skin on rubbing and little to no warming sensation on the skin at first. The intense heating power of the Hot Muscle Cream really kicks in once one start to move and sweat, and as the body temperature rises the hotter the cream gets, keeping the muscles warmer, more flexible and mobile for longer, beneficial to athletes during moments of inactivity on the field or in training, when the muscles would usually cool down and be in danger of sustaining soft tissue injuries on sudden exertion.

Customer Reviews

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Great product

Love this product as a pre-run warm up.